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Poor Condition
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Back2Basics Supplements South Africa

Back2Basics Supplements

Our supplement range is designed to address a number of common ailments caused by a deficiency in base nutrients.

Diets By Design Custom Feeding Plans South Africa

Custom Feeding Plans

Get a bespoke diet from our nutrition expert that meets your budget and your horse’s dietary needs.


I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals and have been passionate about horses and riding and involved with horses as far back as I can remember. In my quest to better my own horse’s health, I did a barefoot trimming course which led me to nutrition and found I could help horses live healthier, better lives by feeding a diet that honours their systems. Spurred on by my new found passion, I started studying horse nutrition in 2011 and went on to complete my Masters in Animal Science in 2015 – researching nutrient levels in horse feeds and fodders in South Africa.

I have been performing diet analyses and building custom diets for over twelve years and I have yet to find a diet that provides a horse with all the essential nutrients it needs. Be it a protein deficiency or mineral imbalance, the effects of eating the same feeds and forages year in and year out can ultimately result in major health issues down the road.

By focusing on essential nutrients and providing these in functional amounts designed to meet your horse needs, it is possible to have healthy, happy horses without breaking the bank.

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